Unexpectedly Single… Minded. Following through to the Mark Twain estimate in regards to the winter that is coldest he ever experienced ended up being a summer in San Francisco – the Hare Krishnas purchased and offered massive cartons of sweatshirts into the fr-fr-freezing tourists clad in tees and shorts.

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San Francisco – climate or perhaps not?

Bay area: Summertime while the living is freezing that is

In bay area, we enshroud ourselves in sweaters and scarves and hats and shoes and coats and that’s into the summer time.

Fleece, wool, cashmere, hoodies, and layers that are multiple de rigeur.

The Hare Krishna kids were the bane of San Francisco International Airport with their orange, saggy saris, B.O., incense, and all that redundant chanting in the 1970’s. Kudos for them, they did get one cow that is sacred of merchandising concept.

Marketing 101

They create store in Golden Gate Park during the tea that is japanese. These people were additionally planted in Fisherman’s Wharf and also at the pier for the Alcatraz trip.

Summer time into the City

Don’t be seduced because of the present unusual and wonderful heat revolution that screams Summertime.

Generally speaking, in the Fourth of July in bay area, there aren’t any bikini beach parties. Instead, fun-devils huddle around bonfires at Ocean Beach amid a winds that are whipping fog – dressed up in Patagonia-wear, REI, and letterman coats, hooded sweatshirts, turtlenecks, gloves, and caps.

Yes, there are many whom arrived in flip-flops and shorts- cavalier and cool.

Absolutely nothing claims Sumer in SanFrancisco as Ella singing “Summertime”


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Top 3 reasons David Denby film reviews are a buzz kill

Certainly one of life’s tough lessons:

individuals who love films, browse the David Denby film reviews within the brand new Yorker after the movie has been seen by them.

Reading one of his true reviews before seeing a movie is similar to learning most of the punch lines, the important points associated with dГ©nouement while the foreshadowing when you look at the movie. Dull times three. Denby ruins more films than Jerry Lewis.

Don’t think of elephants

You arrive with excitement in balance, a tiny, $8 mini-box of popcorn at your fingertips and – because of Mr. Tell All Denby – preconceived notions in regards to the movie dripping out of each and every pore of one’s human body. Take to you can’t shake all those perspicacious opinions as you may. Many Thanks, Mr. Spoiler-No-Alert.

Ida – the Film

Yesterday, we saw “Ida,” Polish manager, Pawel Pawlikowski’s movie, ( IMBD: www.imdb.com/title/tt2718492/) during the San Rafael Theater because my buddy, Rose, stated it absolutely was reputed become a quiet and amazing movie. Numerous will wax rapturous concerning the sparseness, the relationships, the irony and both the simpleness and complexity. I enjoyed the storyline, the acting, the cast, additionally the superb black colored and cinematography that is white had been therefore unique and hauntingly stark.

The next day, i am going to see the New Yorker and skim just what David Denby had to say about “Ida” – my very own opinion formed first.

“i actually do think that films are at the mercy of a million interpretations”.

Oliver Rock

Real soccer movie stars? Women swoon during these two

minimal understood fact: internationally, 63% of all of the soccer fans are females .

We, women associated with World, are rabid soccer fans.

What’s not to ever like? Droves of handsome, young guys – buff, virile, robust, near the top of their game, and, demonstrably ‘Allergic to wear Shirts’ (as evidenced by constant furling and flinging of stated shirts off their perfect torsos.)

H owever, the actual stars regarding the World Cup – stealing the show are a couple of Brits – ESPN super movie stars, “Men in Blazers”– Michael Davies and Roger Bennett. Clever boys: supplying repartee that is witty low quality and high-brow observations with a modicum of sardonic wit –are having a lot of enjoyable. So we love to view.